An epidemiological study of injury in a rural community in Bangladesh

Injuries are a focus of public health practice because they pose a serious health threat, occur frequently and are preventable. The evidence regarding injury, its contributing factor and its consequence in rural population of Bangladesh is scarce. Present study aimed to assess the epidemiology of injury in a rural area. The study was conducted in the ‘Bairag’ Union of Anwara upazilla in Chittagong district of Bangladesh. Data of 6256 individuals were collected from 1016 households. Three structured and standardized questionnaires were used for data collection. The questionnaires were pretested and validated prior to final survey. Severity of injury was assessed based on the number of days with restricted activity and consequences of injury were considered as a measure of severity of injury. A total of 6 people died due to injury in last one year in the survey, the death tolls to 0.096% (95% CI 0.037%-0.199%). A total of 392 experienced an injury that at least hampered one day’s routine activity.


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