Administration of Exogenous Testosterone in the Adult Rat and its Effects on Reproductive Organs, Sex Hormones and Body-Weight

The present experiment was performed to observe the effects produced by high dose of a testosterone ester on the reproductive organ and body weight changes in the adult rat, and to correlate these effects with the serum hormone changes. The present study has used the benzoate ester of testosterone (Testosterone benzoate, TB) in the adult male rat (300-3s0g). The aim was to co-relate the reproductive organ and body-weight changes with changes in the serum hormone levels following the administration of the ester. TB was injected i.p. for five (5) consecutive days at a dose of IOOmglkgbody-weight. The control rats were injected with vehicle (arachis oil) at the same dose. The rats were killed on the 6th, 12th


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