A Study on Interferon-Gamma (IFN-y) Response by T Cells Stimulated by Hepatitis B Virus Core Antigen

Cell-mediated immune response by lymphocyte induced through recognition of HBV core antigen during acute HBV infection, chronic HBV infection and in subjects recovered from HBV infection was investigated in the present study by assessing the competence of IFN-y secretion by cultured PBMCs on stimulation by HBV nucleocapsid antigen (HBcAg). Fresh blood was collected in heparin from acute, chronic and recovered groups ofHBV infected patients and uninfected vaccinated healthy controls aged between 18-50 years. PBMCs were separated by Ficoll-Hypaque density gradient centrifugation technique and were stimulated with hepatitis B virus core antigen (HBcAg) and mitogen (lectin).


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