A comparative study of chemical and immunological method of fecal occult blood test in the diagnosis of occult lower gastrointestinal bleeding

Fecal occult blood test is the most widely used screening test for diagnosis of gastrointestinal bleeding disorders specially colorectal carcinoma. Among the various methods of fecal occult blood tests, chemical method is being used commonly, but the method has some drawbacks like low participation rate, high false positive rate, low sensitivity etc. To overcome these short comings, newer immunological method was introduced. This study evaluated the role of immunological method of fecal blood test in the diagnosis of occult lower GIT bleeding. Stool samples from two hundred patients were examined by both chemical and immunological method. The patients who were positive by any or both methods of occult blood test, were advised for colonoscopy. During colonoscopy tissues were taken for histopathology which was the gold standard of this study.


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