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The Medical Research Council Bulletin aims to ensure that all articles published in the journal report on work that is morally acceptable, and expects authors to follow the World Association’s Declaration of Helsinki. The research protocol must have been approved by the MEDICAL RESEARCH COUNCIL National Research Ethics Committee or locally appointed ethics committee and informed consent must have been obtained from subjects (or their guardians).

Authors must explicitly state in the covering letter (on the first page of submission) that any necessary ethics committee approval was secured for the study reported. This fact should also be explicitly stated in the manuscript and authors should state the name and location of the approving ethics committee(s). The critical assessment of submitted papers will include ethical considerations.

Regardless of the country of origin, all clinical investigators describing human research must abide by the WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects and adopted in 2013 by the World Medical Association. This document can be found at: Investigators are encouraged to read and follow the Declaration of Helsinki. Clinical studies that do not meet the Declaration of Helsinki criteria will be denied peer review. If any published research is subsequently found to be non-compliant to Declaration of Helsinki, it will be withdrawn or retracted.